Know your food before it reaches you at World´s First Personalized Dine-In Menu

Because You Eat with your eyes first !!

Some of Our Features

Enhance Customer Experience

Enhance the customer exerience by providing them with the latest in AR technology. Customers will enjoy the food and will be able to interact with it even before ordering it.

Increased Food Trials

By watching the food before it arrives, increase your overall food trials. Customers are more likely to expand their pallete and order new food items if they can see it first.

Real Delicacy Presentation

Showcase your delicacies with Augmented Reality. The application captures all the details of your food and displays it to the customer. Showcase and sell your food even before order.

Other Features

Promote Signature Dish
Understand Your Steward
Get Customer Feedback
POS Integration
Increased Customer Loyalty
Modify Item From App

Customize the Experience with Multiple Modes

Steward Mode
  • Helps reduce Customer Service Time
  • Easily Tracks the Available and Occupied Tables
  • Manages Orders From Multiple Dining Areas
Manager Mode
  • Steward Analysis
  • Optimum Utilization Of Human Resource
God Mode
  • Whole Business On A Tap Away
  • From Understanding Your Customer To Understanding Your Business
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